Can Machines Know Beauty?

I started a new video series where I do quick drawing while ruminating on different subjects. The first video in the series is called “Can Machines Know Beauty” and I talk about my experience using ChatGPT. In my position as the Director of Marketing and Communications at a small university, I have to look for tools that help offset my lack of labor resources. ChatGPT is a great example of a tool that adds capacity and increases productivity at a nominal cost. The platform is also an example of a major tool for industry disruption. As more of my colleagues adopt the tool, there will be less of a need for positions like freelance copywriters. I can definitely see an opportunity for first-movers to create companies that allow my colleagues to outsource their AI needs. Like with anything, there are positives and negatives, and what is good for one may be bad for someone else.

I’m also curious about where this goes in the future. Will we get to a point where machines will know beauty? Where they will demand it? Where they will refuse to create something because it offends their aesthetic? ChatGPT already does a good job of interpreting context and producing it via mimicry. Where do we go from here?

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